My week at WPC 2013 Montreal Canada September 29-October 5

 My week at WPC 2013 Montreal Canada September 29-October 5

1. We got a ticket when driving from Ottawa to Montreal on Sunday September 29 for changing from right lane to passing lane to pass a police car and the policeman who was standing on side of road. $161 Quebec only rule! Delayed us 45 minutes so was late to pick up Connie and Harley from the airport
2. Picked up Michael and Gretchen Church from the airport in Montreal and drove them to their hotel. I knew I would get them by themselves that way! Parkinson’s Hero’s!
3. Stayed in a townhouse with friends I had only met online from and one other PWP from my hometown, Sparky D. It was great to see you all in person Steve Retterer, Linda Jones, Cathy Oas, Connie Elliott-Sharp and Harley.
4. Monday morning Connie, Harley and I got in van to go get coffee, instead we drove to the Westin Hotel , met Israel, Jon, Sara, Fulvio, Margarita, just some of the WPC 2013 ambassadors who were hanging around the lobby. Connie, Harley and I then went to Palais de Congress, had breakfast, laughed a whole lot, met a lovely couple Pam and Douglas from Halifax . (we need to find their contact information) We also met Allison Smith-Conway and her father. There were lots of people wandering around. We went to the Parkinson’s Movement booth . They were setting up, met Tom, Jean , Bob, Vicki, Eros, Mark, Helen, and many others. I helped Tom find his magnet to the back of the Parkinson’s Movement badge, disguised in the carpet, he dropped it again trying to get his badge back on , we couldn’t find it and hope someone made use of it! Great bonding with Tom time!
5. we had a dinner party that started 2 hours later then planned , we were busy picking up people from downtown hotels to attend. Great to see Nan,Tom,Chris, Anne, John, Steve, Linda, Connie, Cathy and Diana all in one room. Very Special evening. Thanks to the cooks David and Diana
6. My video was recognized as runner up for the People’s Choice Award and was played during opening ceremonies. I got to go up on the stage in front of 3150 people. I had a slight FOG trying to get down the stairs. There were no handrails and my first symptoms of PD were falling downstairs. Right in front of me were Dr. Joseph Jankovic on my right with his wife and Dr. Stanley Fahn and his wife on my left! My husband was sitting beside Dr. Jankovic, I looked at him and got down the stairs and back to my seat. It was our 30th wedding anniversary!
7. I did my poster presentation Titled ‘How does a self directed exercise class increase quality of life for PWP from a local community perspective’, I presented my video in the Creativity Theatre.
I met Soania Mathur, Carey Christensen, Nan Little, Peter Davison, Steve DeWitte, Madonna Brady, Beth Bjerke, Dr. Gammon Earhart, Leonore Gordon, David Iverson, Phillip Beckett, Mark Whitworth, Jin Kyoung Choae WPC Ambassador from South Korea, (thanks for the 4 leaf clover!) Samuel Ng from Malaysia, Renee Le Verrier, Linda Morgan, Alice Templin, Dr. Ron Postuma, Dr. Paul Deroos, Dr. Kaitlyn Roland, Dr Jon Stoessl, Chris Hudson, Andy and Kate McDowell, Anne Martin, Patricia Davies, Helen Matthews, Dilys Parker, Eros,(thanks for video taping the renewal room!) David Murray, Peter Northop, Nikki Oldroyd, Gillian Porter, Diane Robinson, Jean Blake (incoming CEO BC Parkinson’s Society, thanks for the chat , we will be in touch soon!), Judith Spencer, Mohammad Fereshtehnejad, Colleen McKenzie, Tim Hague Sr and his wife, Sharon Stone, Margaret Tennant,(how is your voice? Thanks for the postcards!) We did a science experiment together using a vibrator on her larnyx!, Kelly Thompson, (a fellow Canadian), Christiana Thurton, Janet and Gil Irvine, Deanna ,Donna D, I know I met more people but names escape me at this moment.
8. I hugged Peggy Willocks more than 4 times!
9. My renewal room rocked, Thanks to Dr Becky Farley, Lynn Roden Allison Smith -Conway and others, we all danced PWR Moves to Fat Boy Slim Praise You, after we learned and did all the FUNctional PD- specific exercises, I think I sweated the most!
10. I shook Dr, Fahn’ s hand, literally! while he was sitting on a bench eating his lunch. I introduced myself and thanked him for all the effort and work he has put in over the years for PWP
11. I sang with Mags Mullarney and her people from Ireland, in the Voices of Hope Choir, debriefed with the gang from Ireland and had dinner with them. We celebrated Jennifer’s father and my friend Diana’s birthdays on October 4th.
12. I hugged Eli Pollard twice and thanked her for all her work, Wow what a woman, Thank you again Eli!
13. I thought about my friends who couldn’t make it to Montreal, Debbie H, Colleen HH, Leslie D, Bev R, Mick S, Celeste B, Brian W, Chris M, Bruce J, Sandra T, Maureen T, Blair S, Mychael Patrick, just to name a few
14. I had a few beers with Ryan Tripp, Beth Bjerke, Peter Northop, Kelly Thompson, Margaret Tennant , Thanks Steve DeWitte and Ryan Tripp! and got lost getting home to the townhouse, even though I took a cab!
15. I am not afraid anymore, thank you to all of you for the inspiration ! WE are better together and WE WILL WIN TOGETHER!
Jillian Carson


I am physiotherapist diagnosed at age 47 with Parkinson's disease. Volunteer in my local community with parkinson specific exercises for PWP. Founder of ParkinGo Wellness Society, .Tireless advocate for better quality of lives for people living with PD across the global community.Ambassador for and a Global Ambassador for WPC2016 Portland Oregon Sept 20-23 Co chair for ambassadors WPC2019 Kyoto Japan June 4-7 2019!

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5 comments on “My week at WPC 2013 Montreal Canada September 29-October 5
  1. You ROCK!!! Jilly!!!! Never knowing at one point I snuck into renewal room and filmed you with your group rocking out!!! You inspire me!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

  2. Ha ha , You had better send that video on Gretchen! Lots of Love back to you and Michael!

  3. mjc0827 says:

    Jill, We actually showed it the Executive Director of the Parkinson Asso. of SWFla and she cried, as did we for the 50th time. There is power in your story. One of overcoming obstacles, perseverance and determination. You are truly an inspiration!

  4. I have lived it through you, Jill and my life is so much better because of you. I hope everyone with PD finds their Jill!

  5. Reblogged this on jillianmcarson and commented:

    Its time to get to work ! WPC 2016 will be here soon.!

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