Dr. Langston: The Wildest World of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson's Women


by Darcy Blake | On September 9, 2014, Dr. J. William Langston, Parkinson’s Institute Founder, Chief Scientific Officer, and Movement Disorder Specialist spoke to a crowd of about 200 people at the Parkinson’s Institute in Sunnyvale on a presentation titled More than Just a Movement Disorder.™

He began his talk with a candid confession about his five-year battle with cancer. People often ask if his medical ordeal has given him more empathy for patients with Parkinson’s Disease. “No,” he explained, “I have always had empathy for my patients, but having cancer has increased my admiration for the courage and strength of will in my patients with Parkinson’s Disease. You may not beat it, but you don’t let it beat you!”

On this occasion, he explained the onset of a complete change in how we think of Parkinson’s Disease. Recent studies are transforming medical opinion about the nature of the symptoms…

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I am physiotherapist diagnosed at age 47 with Parkinson's disease. Volunteer in my local community with parkinson specific exercises for PWP. Founder of ParkinGo Wellness Society, www.parkingo.org .Tireless advocate for better quality of lives for people living with PD across the global community.Ambassador for www.parkinsonsmovement.com and a Global Ambassador for WPC2016 Portland Oregon Sept 20-23

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