Welsh Scrabble!!!


Hello from chilly Trefonen!

Today was a pretty alright day.  It started with breakfast in the grand dining room of Moors Farm, cooked by Henia.  We felt like Royalty eating off of the Denby tablewhere!   Breakfast was delicious and dad had sausage that is specifically made for Moors farm.  Very  posh.  Henia, in her down-to-earth manner explained that she had to have specific sausage made for her guests that come to hunt pheasants and “require” sausages on toothpicks with dipping sauce as their afternoon h’ors d’overs…I suppose you are willing to be accommodating when someone is paying fifty thousand pounds per day to go hunting…and that’s just for the hunting!

After breakfast, we struck out on our way along the Montgomery Canal…a welcome change from sheep, sheep, sheep…oh and did I mention the sheep?  The trail was relatively flat and quite scenic as we passed several swans, ducklings…

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I am physiotherapist diagnosed at age 47 with Parkinson's disease. Volunteer in my local community with parkinson specific exercises for PWP. Founder of ParkinGo Wellness Society, www.parkingo.org .Tireless advocate for better quality of lives for people living with PD across the global community.Ambassador for www.parkinsonsmovement.com and a Global Ambassador for WPC2016 Portland Oregon Sept 20-23

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