Women Support Groups Attending WPC

Parkinson's Women

If you’re thinking of starting your own women’s support group, you may want to chat with some of the women’s group representatives who will attend The World Parkinson Congress (WPC) on September 20-23. Each one of them has experience in community-building for women who have Parkinson’s disease. They plan to meet at WPC at a time and location to be announced, and they would be delighted to share their experiences about building women’s support groups with WPC attendees.

Some representatives planning to attend WPC include:

Southern California
Representing the Los Angeles area, Inspired Women with Parkinson’s in Los Angeles is a group organized by Sharon Krischer. Krischer started a blog, Twitchy Woman: My Adventures with Parkinson’s Disease to encourage the exchange of ideas and solutions with others living with Parkinson’s. The support group was a natural next step after Sharon attended the Women & Parkinson’s Initiativeconference sponsored by the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF). The group…

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I am physiotherapist diagnosed at age 47 with Parkinson's disease. Volunteer in my local community with parkinson specific exercises for PWP. Founder of ParkinGo Wellness Society, www.parkingo.org .Tireless advocate for better quality of lives for people living with PD across the global community.Ambassador for www.parkinsonsmovement.com and a Global Ambassador for WPC2016 Portland Oregon Sept 20-23 Co chair for ambassadors WPC2019 Kyoto Japan June 4-7 2019!

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